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Pure Meditation exists to bring the community the opportunity to learn basic and advanced techniques in the life-enhancing and affirming practice of meditation. 

Pure Meditation, the school, was born from the instruction received from my teacher, Hans van Latenstein.

Hans van Latenstein, the originator of “Authentic Meditation”, developed this method as a way to make meditation available to all, regardless of one’s religious or philosophical beliefs. Hans states, “It is harmonious and compatible with everyone’s background because it doesn’t require new beliefs to practice it.”

Hans has taught and been instructed in many forms of meditation all over the globe. He created this method by drawing together the best qualities of his favorite meditation techniques. 

This technique is similar to the most well-known meditation methods such as Mindfulness-based meditation and Transcendental Meditation.  However, Pure Meditation is completely unaffiliated with any particular religion and does not use religious language, words, or phrases to be repeated or chanted.

I am very excited to offer the community this training! I’ve been meditating for over twenty years now. The rewards, emotionally and physically, have been tremendous! Of all my personal interests and pursuits, meditation has provided immeasurable benefits.

Nels Chellen- certified meditation instructor

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