Comments from my students:

"The Pure Meditation class was wonderful and has helped me so much. I had been interested in meditation for some time, had read books, had tried meditating and always felt I was failing to understand it or was doing it incorrectly. Nels Chellen answered many questions, helped me understand that I had misconceptions that were making it difficult for me, and showed me that it was easier than I had always believed. Since taking the class I have been meditating about 20 minutes every day and, even though it’s new for me, I find it to be restful and restorative and good for my mental and physical health. I recommend this class for anyone who desires to enrich their lives by daily meditation. *****"


"This class was exactly what I was hoping for. Nels was an excellent instructor, taught us a lot, explained things very well and led great conversations. I highly highly recommend taking meditation classes from him. *****"

Patricia W. (posted on Google)

"This was a great class by Nels, and I have felt immediate benefits since taking the class. I have a lot of stress and activity that I am dealing with in my life right now, but with the mantra meditation it has helped me remain more calm and focused. He did a great job of explaining our thought process, and how meditation can help stop us from getting stuck within negative cycles. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of meditation. *****"

Dan Larson (posted on Google)

"Thank you so much, Nels Chellen, for the wonderful meditation class!!! Excited to start and reduce stress/anxiety.*****"

:) Stacy

"Nels did a great job of walking me through the process. Highly recommend to all *****"

Corey Koskie (posted on Google)

"My wife and I decided to try meditation as a way to help handle the general stress and anxieties of life. Nels not only taught us the basics of meditation and how to start integrating it into our lives, but more importantly how it benefits our bodies and minds.

We recommend meditation to anyone looking for a way to cope with anxiety/stress and Nels is a great starting point for anyone not sure how or where to begin the process. He is a genuine individual and only has your best interests at heart.*****"

Ryan And Kelly (posted on Facebook))

"Over the years, I found tools that have helped me regulate my brain. Nels taught me that there is a difference between a persons BRAIN and a person's MIND. I needed a tool for my mind and mantra meditation provides me with that tool.

I'm a classic car enthusiast. During the summer months, my wife Traci and I display my 1967 Firebird 400 convertible (yes, a 4-speed!) at car shows mainly through-out the Twin Cities. A few Saturdays ago we were running late to my favorite car show of the year and my mind started racing and the anxiety kicked in in full force!. I went down to my office, shut the door, meditated for 10 minutes using the approach Nels taught me and my mind completely calmed down!I I had an absolute peaceful/enjoyable day!

I learned how to meditate in just two 30 minutes sessions with Nels for a very reasonable fee!!

Taking his Pure Meditation class is a no brainer...or is it a no minder??!! :-) "

Dave Enger

"I really enjoyed the meditation course. Nels is a fantastic teacher! *****"

Joe Meyer (posted on Google)

"I recently attended the 'Pure Meditation' class conducted by Nels Chellen at Minnetonka Community Centre. Nels has simplified the subject considerably and made it easy to understand and practice. Using his instructions, I am able to practice meditation and find it very relaxing. *****"

PD Ghugale (posted on Google)

"I would highly recommend this if you are at all interested in learning meditation techniques. I arrived as an absolute beginner but left feeling well armed to utilize mantra meditation. The structure of the two session intro (day one, learn and practice the method; day two a week later, returning and sharing how things went to get additional feedback and guidance) was very effective. A good mix of theory and concept with practicality." *****"

Marco Cervantes (posted on Google)

"Nels is great. Makes meditation easy to understand and practice. My wife and I recently took his class and have found it very enlightening. Highly recommend it.

Steve Schellhaass (posted on Facebook)

"I was looking for a place where I could learn to meditate in the most comfortable, easy-to-do way. Nels is a wonderful instructor, and in just two sessions taught me what I needed to know in order to get started with meditation. I am so grateful for the knowledge he shared, and how he patiently explained and practiced the technique with me. I highly recommend Pure Meditation to anyone who's interested in getting started with or increasing their knowledge of meditation."

JoAnne (posted on Facebook)

LINK to Reviews of Pure Meditation on Google: REVIEWS

LINK to Reviews of Pure Meditation on Facebook: REVIEWS

Comments from the meditation community regarding the value of meditation:

“Fifteen minutes of meditation made me able to do hours worth of work.”


I learned how to meditate..., and when I went to see my doctor afterward my blood pressure had dropped 20 points. He asked me what I was doing differently and I told him it was because of one thing: meditation.”


“I have a very demanding job, plus two small children, and the meditation techniques I learned have really transformed my life. I am much better able to stay focused at work, to manage my anxiety levels, and to juggle the work/family balance with more energy and purpose.”


“As a former television news reporter now doing communications training for senior business executives, I know how important it is to be calm, centered, and focused. I was fortunate enough to participate in a meditation session at a client’s office and now, not only do I practice these techniques myself, but I advocate them to executives as a tool to become better communicators, managers, and spokespeople for their companies.”


NOTE: Medtronic has a long history with meditation. In 2004, Medtronic's former CEO, Bill George was quoted in a BusinessWeek article saying he meditated twice a day for 20 minutes for the past 30 years, and "Out of anything, it has had the greatest impact on my career."

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