The Class

The Class

In this course, you will be taught user-friendly techniques for successful meditation enabling you to reap the benefits you have likely been hearing about. You will be able to begin a meditation practice immediately, even if you have failed in the past. This class is taught in two one-hour sessions, one week apart. Week One will introduce you to meditation and give you full instruction on the basics. Week Two will follow up on your experiences of applying what you learned in Week One, plus provide advanced meditation techniques.

The Cost

  • One-on-one instruction; cost $120.00

  • Group of two; cost $99 per student; total cost for 2 is $198

  • Group of three; cost $89 per student; total cost for 3 is $267

  • Group of four; cost $79 per student; total cost for 4 is $316

  • Group of five; cost $69 per student; total cost for 5 is $345

  • The prorated discounts end there, and $69 is the cost per student for groups of 5 or more participants. If your club, organization, or corporation would like to hire us for special larger groups, please call to discuss this.

Participants are responsible for assembling their own group. I will help as much as is possible, but will need your help.

Please call for corporate terms and rates.

Pure Meditation

4144 County Road 101

Minnetonka, MN 55345

(612) 368-9919